Reasons to Love Toddlers

All the new and beautiful things your toddler can say and do will not only amuse you, but you will get impressed as well.  They indeed are curious, noisy, can turn your simple shopping trip into a disaster, and have zero sense of danger. But with everything problematic, toddlers are cute and the best.

Why love toddler is a question which can be comprehensive; from their contagious giggles to their outrageous fashion, they have something going on that makes your life so much beautiful and brighter.

You will always be going to love the perks that come with your toddlers, even on the toughest days. Despite their challenging ways, you will always find the reasons why to love toddlers. In this article, we have come up with the reasons why toddlers are best and why to love them.

1. Cuteness in Bucket Loads

Father holding baby in dark

The toddlers still have all the cuteness from their earlier years. From those white toothy grins and impossibly big eyes to the soft downy hair, it is hard to resist looking at them. Their cuteness will make you forgive and forget any behavior they throw at you.

2. Keep Your Silliness Alive

You must have noticed that when you are with your kids, you act like them, and it is the most refreshing feeling. Being silly with your two-year-old can instantly shift you back in time with one loud, happy, and deep belly laughs. And the harder you laugh, the harder your toddler will laugh.

3. You Can Still Fool Them A Little

Your two-years-old will believe most of the things you say. They will even believe you when you say that eating vegetables and fruits can make them grow big and strong. They might not always care, but believe you without any doubt.

4. Making Up After Tantrums

The tantrums your kid throw are not fun, but the cuddles that come afterward feels so good. Helping comfort the little sobs of your toddler and cuddling together on the couch after a tantrum will remind you how hard the world can be for your two-year-old and how much they need your help in understanding it.

5. Rekindle Your Imagination

Be honest and think that before having kids, how much, and how often did you work your imagination muscles? Probably not as much as you do after having a baby. Pretending to be the princess of the castle or the pirate who has fought the sharks in the scary ocean will surely remind you that playing is fun. These are the moments that encourage you in several ways.

6. Toddlers Keep it Real

baby's feet

The toddlers are not afraid to tell the thing as it is. They cannot hold back and do not have any filters. In the world where adults are scared to tell you something and want to protect their feelings, the toddle will say to you a straight truth.

7. Get Excited About Everything

The amount of excitement a toddler shows on a simple thing is what all the grown-ups wish to have. You will see them getting super excited even about a simple car wash.

8. Feel All the Feelings


It can work against you if you missed the random dog they pointed out during your way home from the park. But these cute toddlers are very generous when it comes to giving love. They have a lot of love to give to everyone. Like a little, creepy stalker kind of love, but still, they deserve appreciation.

9. Will Even Love You at Your Worst

Although your morning breath can smell bad, it still will not stop them from kissing you enthusiastically. You may not have showered because of exhaustion for a day or two, and your toddler will always make you feel beautiful.

When you have a terrible day at work and come home with an upset mood, they will comfort you with their big hugs without any judgment. The love of toddlers is forgiving, affectionate, loyal, and fierce, which is good for both your heart and ego.

10. Help You Appreciate the Simple Things

The eyes of your little toddlers always watch, observe, and point out things you usually miss. They get happy quickly with the things that are ordinary and small for you. From earning a $1 sticker book to helping you in vacuuming, they enjoy everything. And your toddlers make you appreciate those things as well. They often make you stop and force you to look around and admire what is in front of them.

11. Do and Say Funny Things

Some things do not sound hilarious when a grown-up says them. But the same thing will become funny when you hear it from a toddler. They come up with the most random things to do and say, and you cannot stop laughing.

These little human beings will always laugh at your corny jokes and funny faces. You are no less than the funniest comedian to them, and it must be enough to boost your self-esteem.

12. Can Understand and Communicate (in their own way)

Watching your kid growing up in front of you is a blend of feelings; it is scary, unique, and kind of heartbreaking as well to a certain extent. Almost every parent misses their babies, but what a happiness it is watching your toddler evolve into a walking-talking-confident child. At this stage, they can talk and communicate what they need or want.

Your toddlers are understanding and maturing more and more with every passing day, right before your eyes.

13. Remind Us to Live In the Moment

You all must have experienced one of the best feelings in the world of running around your baby in the evening, acting like a fool and getting caught up in the moment. It is the true happiness that you cannot get from any other thing.

These moments will make you realize that you have forgotten all your worries, your stressors have momentarily disappeared, and your to-do list is out of your mind (out of sight, out of mind situation).

14. Toddlers Try So Hard

The commitment and determination the toddlers have are what is missing in the elders. They could single-mindedly focus on convincing you to let them wear their favorite shirt or eat their favorite ice cream.

15. Thinks About You as a Superhero

You will not feel as loved as you do when you are dropping off your toddler for the first time in the school, and the teacher is physically wrenching him away from you. For your child, you are a superhero with all the superpowers, and they look at you with admiration.

16. Will Always Be Your Baby

No matter how much your baby has changed and grown up over time, they will always be your baby and will need you every time no matter what.

You will feel it when they are tired and snug up next to you or when they got their knee scraped and came running to you. Moreover, you will feel it when you see the face of your baby all lighten up when you come home, and it will make you wonder how you can become so lucky to have this little angel.

Final Verdict

Toddlers are undoubtedly hard to handle, but you cannot stop yourself from loving those adorable little beings. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot more reasons to love toddlers.