What are the Downsides of Using Disposable Diapers?

Mother changing her baby’s diaper

Since the last few decades, disposable diapers have been in demand by all new parents. There is no denying that because of many pros, most parents prefer disposable ones over cloth nappies. Following are some of the best ones: A convenient choice for parents It can be found in almost every local … Read more

What Are the Downsides of Cloth Diapers?

A father changing the diaper of a newborn baby

A cloth diaper is also called a cloth nappy or real nappy. These reusable nappies are made from natural fibers, man-made materials, or sometimes both. Although they seem to be budget-friendly compared to disposable diapers, they have their own pros and cons. Before we jump to the downsides of cloth diapers, let’s … Read more

Ideas for a Fun Play Doh Party

Ideas for a Fun Play Doh Party

What kid doesn’t love Play-Doh? It’s soft, squishy, messy, colorful, and has the potential to keep young ones occupied for hours. While the mess might make parents despair, a few precautions can help them keep the place clean while letting the kids play as long as they want to.  If your children … Read more

How to Say Goodbye to a Pet

How to Say Goodbye to a Pet

Ever since we domesticated the first birds, pets have been an important part of our life. From guide dogs to emotional support animals, we always need pets in our lives one way or another. But with an average lifespan of 13 years for a dog, it’s usually not possible for that relationship … Read more

Tips for Making Play Doh at Home

Sculptures made out of play-doh

Play-doh might be a messy sort of toy, but it’s a great way for kids to learn about textures and colors among other concepts. They also learn how to use their hands to shape things and get a boost in creativity along the way.  However, there have been many concerns regarding regular … Read more

Time-Out Ideas for Frustrated Parents

An hourglass with red sand

No one with any relevant experience ever said that parenting was an easy job. Raising a child has its beautiful moments and a lot of perks, but it’s a full-time responsibility that takes over your life for at least some years. Even when the children are a bit independent, there are many … Read more

Best Diaper Brands

hand holding a diaper

If there is something that should not be missing from your daily kit while taking care of your newborn baby, it’s the diapers. While our little ones bring absolute joy to our homes, we know that it is not always a sunny day. Things can get a little nastier sometimes, and as … Read more

Foods To Reduce Labour Pain

pregnant woman, stomach bulge

According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, without proper nutrition, women’s bodies will start using fat as an energy source and increase the acidity of blood in both infant and mother, likely decreasing uterine contractions. It can also lead to lower newborn health scores and more prolonged labor. Moreover, research suggests that fasting … Read more

Things To Avoid After Giving Birth

a newborn child held by her parent

Carrying one’s child inside a mother’s womb is grueling in itself, but as a mother, you knew the challenge has just begun. After nine long months, you have to undergo excruciatingly painful labor so that your baby can finally breathe its first in the outside world. Giving birth to a person is … Read more

Hygiene Checklist for Newborns

pregnant woman with baby shoes on her belly

If you are a first-time parent, you might get a little anxious and overwhelmed, doubting yourself if you can carry the big responsibility of taking care of a sensitive newborn. More so, it is more challenging if you are a single parent. But with enough preparation, you can get through this phase of self-doubts and … Read more