Developing Toddlers’ Interest in Outdoor Games

Playing outside is an essential part of everybody’s childhood. It gives kids the chance to explore their surroundings, appreciate the natural environment, and have great and fun adventures with other kids. Besides that, outdoor games also help kids develop their physical strength, build their self-confidence, and gain new friends and acquaintances. 

Outdoor games benefit your child’s physical, mental, emotional, and social health. So it is a terrific idea to encourage your child to play outdoors every once in a while. However, some kids are not open to ideas about outdoor games, and it is very challenging to convince them to do so. If you have a child who might not be a fan of outdoor plays, don’t worry because we got you. Here are some tips on developing toddlers’ interest in outdoor games. 

Play games with your kid.

To build your child’s interest in outdoor plays, you must first show them that you, yourself, enjoy playing outdoors. Play fun games like hide and seek or any games you know. Motivate your child to explore his or her environment by showing them that outdoor games are fun.

Explain to them the benefits of outdoor games. 

Tell your child how outdoor games could benefit their body and health. Some kids tend to be afraid of being sick or injured. So, knowing that outdoor games could make them strong and benefit their overall health could help convince them to go outside and play. 

Tell them it is okay to get dirty.

One reason kids do not want to play outdoors is that they are afraid their parents might scold them if they get dirt on themselves. Tell your child that it is expected to look messy after playing outdoors. Assure them that you would not be angry even if they get wet and dirty. When they have the assurance that they need, they could run freely and enjoy their outdoor play. 

Encourage your child to meet new friends.

Making friends is essential in your kid’s life. They are the ones who could help influence your kids. Encourage your child to explore and make new friends. When they develop a friendship with other kids, they will most likely look forward to going out and play. 

Limit their use of gadgets. 

Most children do not engage in outdoor games because they spend most of their time with their gadgets. To make them play outside, parents must set limits on their amount of screen time. Give them several hours with their phones and tablets, then let them enjoy outdoor activities after. It would help your children avoid developing eyesight problems. At the same time, they can develop their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. 

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Expose your child to various toys that are sports-related.

Introduce your toddlers to toys that are related to sports. You can show them toys like balls for basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, and any other sports. Let your children choose what they want. Enjoy and play at least all of these games with them. It can help develop their fondness for these games, and maybe in the future, they can be some varsity athletes in their chosen sports. 

Give your toddlers some rewards. 

Giving your kids rewards can help increase their interest in playing outdoor games. Negotiate and make a deal with your kids. Tell them that if they go outside and play, they can have rewards after. It will help encourage your kids to engage in outdoor activities and play with other kids. 

Organize play dates with their friends.

Organize fun play dates together with other kids. It may be in the park, your backyard, on the lake, any child-friendly environment that you like. Supervise their playdates and keep watch on the kids. There, you will see how the kids interact, compromise, and cooperate. You can also notice their care for the natural environment. 

Frequently go for walks. 

Going for a walk, running, or jogging in the natural environment can help increase your child’s interest in outdoor games. Take your child frequently on short walks around the park. You can also train them to bike. Ensure that you expose your kids to a natural setting. It will help develop their fondness for the outdoor natural environment. 

Always motivate your child. 

When you see your toddler excelling in a particular sport, game, or activity, you must motivate him or her. If they say that they are interested in some things, be supportive. Enroll them in excellent coaching classes and let them attend lessons. It will help develop the skills of your children, and it will also increase their interest in the particular activity.