Virtual Schooling during High School Years

a person working on a MacBook

The traditional model of schooling relies on education delivered to students by teachers in brick-and-mortar buildings. The physical presence of the students and instructors is the very essence of this type of education system. However, in recent years, a different mode of schooling has emerged, which relies on online mediums for educating … Read more

How to Set Family Rules with Toddlers

a woman carrying a child on her back and walking on a path surrounded by trees

Parenthood is a beautiful thing, but it can also be a little scary at times. The joy of bringing tiny humans into the world goes side by side with worrying about what kind of people they will grow into, more specifically, what kind of adults you are raising them to be. So, … Read more

Is Exhaustion Common After Child Birth?

Woman in her pregnancy

Many people assume that life after giving birth to a child is easy. The fact of the matter is that new moms have to undergo a new phase of sleepless nights and tiresome days with an awful amount of mood swings. After giving birth to a child, the body tries to recover … Read more

Getting Kids to Help In the Kitchen

A modern-day kitchen

In today’s day and age, the only thing that makes an individual stand out from the crowd is skills. May it be singing, drawing, or even cooking for that matter. Since we were kids, we loved to get ourselves involved in everything that our parents did. Although it was just for fun … Read more

Breastfeeding and Being Tired: What to Know

Baby milk

People assume that breastfeeding is a simple task. What they are not aware of is that breastfeeding is tiring and the primary source of fatigueness amongst new mothers. From the outside, it might just seem to be a simple task which involves a mother feeding her newborn but in reality, it is … Read more

Take Time to Adapt to Life with a Baby

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A newborn is an exciting addition to life. If it is your very first child, you are bound to be both nervous and excited. Now, you are responsible for another life that will depend on you for several upcoming years. However, there is no need to worry. Adapting to life with a … Read more

Important Things To Know When Traveling with Kids of All Ages

A candid photo of a family enjoying lakeview

Traveling is an overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to taking your family and kids along. If you have done it already several times, then the process will be comparatively easy for you. However, if you are someone who is giving it a go for the very first time, you will find … Read more

Using a Jogging Stroller to Get Back in Shape

a couple jogging holding a jogging stroller

Parenting can be a daunting task. But once you get a hold of it, the ship sails smoothly from that point onwards. Honestly speaking, this might not be the case for all people. While you might excel in some tasks, others won’t be as easy, maybe worse than expected. The best advice … Read more

Teaching Children to Say Goodbye

kids waving goodbye to the ship

Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing to do, no matter what your age is. Whether you are a teenager saying goodbye to your friends and teachers at the end of your school year or toddler dropped off at daycare, it’s always tricky. Most of the children face separation anxiety at one … Read more

Simple and fun outdoor activities with children

A red tricycle for

Children are a great way to spend your time with, especially when summer vacation is nearby. You can try out different outdoor activities that will keep you and your children occupied during the day. While you have parks and playgrounds, where you could take them, but it is all about being creative. … Read more