Best Diaper Brands

If there is something that should not be missing from your daily kit while taking care of your newborn baby, it’s the diapers. While our little ones bring absolute joy to our homes, we know that it is not always a sunny day. Things can get a little nastier sometimes, and as first-time parents, that could be surprisingly challenging. Statistics show that at most, babies can dirty ten or more diapers per day! There are many things to consider when having a baby and including topics such as how to start a baby on solids

As for us, parents, diapers are a saving grace – it keeps us from dirtying our sheets and messing up our floor mattresses with baby poop. But these aren’t the only gains we can get from diapers. Putting diapers on our babies saves us from the hassle of cleaning. It minimizes the mess we have to deal with every time our champ’s in it for a gentle release. Above all, good diapers help our little ones feel comfy and smooth, away from unnecessary rashes caused by irritation. 

There are tons of diaper brands available in the market, but obviously, there are those who stand above the rest, mainly because of their quality and unique features. Choosing of good diaper brand that suits your infant’s skin condition and demands will make the challenge of being a first-time parent a little bit easier. This article will go through the things to look for when choosing a diaper, its most common features, and what diaper brands are proven best.


baby boy on his diapers sitting on a red couch

You are lucky if you can find that one perfect diaper in a single try. Finding just the right diaper for your little kiddo usually requires a trial-and-error process. When looking for one, keep the following qualities in mind.

  • Cost – quality diapers come at higher prices but note that it isn’t about how expensive the diaper is; it is about how your kid responds to it once he or she uses it. There are quality diapers out there sold at a reasonable price. If you’re on a tight budget, select the one you can afford, but don’t compromise the quality.
  • Absorbency – diapers should be reliable to absorb as much waste as they could.
  • Fit – diapers come in generic sizes (S, M, L). You will know if it fits well when the diaper places just right below your kid’s belly button. Also, when it fastens symmetrically on both sides, not too tight that it digs into the skin and not too loose that it allows comfortable adjusting to avoid leaks.
  • Scent – most diapers come with a particular fragrance to dispel the foul odor from your baby’s poop. However, these scents can also irritate your baby.


disposable Huggies diapers at Kroger

1. Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers has been one of the top choices of mommies when it comes to baby diapers. At a reasonable price, Pampers’ Swaddler line features a wetness indicator and a clever newborn design that provides room for the baby’s umbilical cord area. The cozy and soft-feeling diaper that flexibly fits different baby sizes is among its best-selling points.

2. Huggies Little Snugglers

Apart from its cute Winnie the Pooh designs, Huggies diapers have a gentle-absorb liner that prevents nasty leaks. The line-markings in front and back that change color when it’s dirty serve as indicators that your little one has done it again but worry not – it has a small extra pocket and a “Leak Lock System” to make sure pee and poop stay where they should be for up to 12 hours.

3. Dryper

If you’re into environment protection and sustainability, then Dryper might be your option. These diapers are efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. These diapers are made of bamboo and are stripped off of toxic chemicals such as chlorine, fragrance, latex, and inks. It is soft, plush, durable, and pretty absorbent. Dryper’s diapers are biodegradable and compostable.

4. Honest Co. Diapers

Honest Company also boasts environmentally-friendly diapers made of plant-based materials, minus the harmful chemicals like latex, fragrances, lotions, or chlorine. The brand promises to provide “cloud-like comfort” and “advanced leak protection” to your infant. These diapers also come in different designs that suit your baby’s personality.

5. Luvs

Even though you are on a tight budget, you can still ensure that your baby gets a quality diaper with Luvs. Luvs diapers provide a “triple leak-guard protection,” which keeps the dreaded pee and poop from spilling. Its stretchy sides help contain leaks, and it also has a wetness indicator to give you a heads up. 

6. Target Brand Diapers

Target’s diapers are a go-to brand that is both quality and affordable. Its flexible design and the adjustable secure-grip help contain possible leaks and provide a breathable feeling to your little ones. It is likewise hypoallergenic and does not contain toxic chemicals that may harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

7. Seventh Generation Diapers

If your newborn is a little more sensitive, then Seventh Generation Diapers might be the answer to your prayers. All-natural, these diapers include chlorine-free, processed wood fluff pulp that also contains sustainably sourced components. The breathable moisture barrier provides a comfy feel to your little one while the high-capacity core keeps poo and pee from ever blowing out. What a way to protect your baby from rashes while helping to preserve the environment.