Learning Through Play: How Play-Doh Can Help

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Over the past 30 years, scientific research has taught us that the period of human development from birth to eight years old is the most important stage. During these years, we develop our cognitive skills, physical and mental health, emotional well-being, and social competence to build a strong foundation for our adult … Read more

Getting Kids to Help In the Kitchen

A modern-day kitchen

In today’s day and age, the only thing that makes an individual stand out from the crowd is skills. May it be singing, drawing, or even cooking for that matter. Since we were kids, we loved to get ourselves involved in everything that our parents did. Although it was just for fun … Read more

Teaching Children to Say Goodbye

kids waving goodbye to the ship

Saying goodbye is always the hardest thing to do, no matter what your age is. Whether you are a teenager saying goodbye to your friends and teachers at the end of your school year or toddler dropped off at daycare, it’s always tricky. Most of the children face separation anxiety at one … Read more

Simple and fun outdoor activities with children

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Children are a great way to spend your time with, especially when summer vacation is nearby. You can try out different outdoor activities that will keep you and your children occupied during the day. While you have parks and playgrounds, where you could take them, but it is all about being creative. … Read more

Reasons to Love Toddlers

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All the new and beautiful things your toddler can say and do will not only amuse you, but you will get impressed as well.  They indeed are curious, noisy, can turn your simple shopping trip into a disaster, and have zero sense of danger. But with everything problematic, toddlers are cute and … Read more

Must Have Items for Traveling With Kids

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When you are traveling with kids, planning is the key. There are a few essential items to take when traveling with a baby or a toddler. A lot of factors can go out of control while flying, which makes it seems challenging to travel with your kids. But it can become less … Read more

How to Balance Breastfeeding and Bottle

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When it comes to nursing a baby, every mom tries her best. While some women experience no problems in breastfeeding, others start shedding up tears soon after the baby is born. However, there is no need to worry. Mothers can provide the best of both worlds to their kids. Although it is … Read more