Ideas for Teaching Kids to Paint

kid with painted hands

Art is the ultimate way for children to express themselves. It helps in soothing the mind and bringing calmness to the chaos of thoughts. It is a valuable asset that you should pass on to your kids.  Another essential benefit of teaching art to kids is to boost their self-confidence. The more … Read more

How To Avoid Ear Infections in Kids

an ear of a human baby

Parenting can be quite challenging in the first few years of your child. Of course, this is extra hard if you are a single parent. But nothing is too hard for a dedicated parent who wants the best for their child. One of the common threats to children is ear infections. Why Ear … Read more

Why Are Ear Infection Common In Kids

a girl’s ear

Ear infections occur when one or both eustachian tubes, the tubes connecting the middle ear to the back of the throat, get swollen. The eustachian tubes allow mucus to drain from the middle ear into the throat. Colds, throat infection, acid reflux, or allergies are the most common causes of ear infections … Read more

Tips on How To Potty Train Your Child

smiling child, potty seat, rug

The world of potty training may already be waiting to welcome you as your little one begins to stay dry every nap time, and you noticed that diaper changing becomes a minor occurrence.  The answer to successful potty training is patience and acknowledgment that all babies hit this milestone at their own … Read more

Essential Oils For Babies

vial of essential oil, yellow flowers

Essential oils have been used extensively and reliably in medicine for millennia. Essential oil therapy, also known as Aromatherapy, is the medical practice of utilizing naturally extracted plant fragrances to improve emotional and physical health. Aromatherapists use aromatic plant extracts for several things, including alleviating stress, soothing the skin, relaxing the mind, … Read more

Is Your Child Being Neglected?

a child writing

Neglect refers to the mistreatment and the failure of a caregiver to provide the basic needs to the person they take care of. It usually happens because of the caregiver’s inability to care for the person they’re in charge of properly. It’s most likely for the caretaker not to recognize that neglect … Read more

Understanding Children Development

a child blowing bubbles, trees, road, leaves

Child development alludes to the series of language, thought, emotional, and physical changes that occur in children from birth up to the start of adulthood. During this process, children progress from being dependent on their parents or guardians to be more independent. Events significantly impact child development during the prenatal period and … Read more

Understanding Personal Hygiene for Toddlers

a toddler inside a tub of water

Personal hygiene among kids is more than keeping themselves looking and feeling good. Good hygiene keeps them away from nasty bacteria and fungi that may invade the body and cause severe illnesses in the long run. When not properly cleaned, the skin can be a welcoming breeding ground of disease-causing germs and … Read more

Developing Toddlers’ Interest in Outdoor Games

two boys playing, football floating in the air, water splashing, green grass 

Playing outside is an essential part of everybody’s childhood. It gives kids the chance to explore their surroundings, appreciate the natural environment, and have great and fun adventures with other kids. Besides that, outdoor games also help kids develop their physical strength, build their self-confidence, and gain new friends and acquaintances.  Outdoor … Read more

Learning Through Play: How Play-Doh Can Help

blue play-doh container, yellow play-doh container, red play-doh container, lavender surface

Over the past 30 years, scientific research has taught us that the period of human development from birth to eight years old is the most important stage. During these years, we develop our cognitive skills, physical and mental health, emotional well-being, and social competence to build a strong foundation for our adult … Read more