How to Overcome Fears and Self-doubts

person sitting with hand and legs together

Fears and self-doubts are normal in a human being. These feelings can be generated by stress. Being a single parent, for instance. After all, we are very complex as individuals that our emotions can sometimes get the better of us. But that doesn’t mean that we should always succumb to these emotions and … Read more

How to Start a Chain Reaction of Adopting Good Habits

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Around 40% of our daily behavior is generated by an autopilot mode called ‘habits.’ This is because the human brain processes a vast range of complex information that it looks for repeatable tasks to turn into autopilot mode so it can save up mental energy. Everyone is familiar with what habits are, … Read more

Learning Through Play: How Play-Doh Can Help

blue play-doh container, yellow play-doh container, red play-doh container, lavender surface

Over the past 30 years, scientific research has taught us that the period of human development from birth to eight years old is the most important stage. During these years, we develop our cognitive skills, physical and mental health, emotional well-being, and social competence to build a strong foundation for our adult … Read more

How To Make Healthy Hot Chocolate For Your Toddler

A child holding a chocolate drink with marshmallows on top

As the winter season approaches, kids begin to ask for a nice hot chocolate every time they get the chance. You cannot blame them, as the cold temperature is best paired with a hot chocolate drink to enjoy. Gone are the days when you struggle to prepare a nice and warm drink … Read more

Advantages and Importance Of Setting Limits For Kids

a father teaching his daughter writing

Having children is not only about the fun and joy of playing with them. Raising kids entails responsibility which must include discipline, molding their character, establishing and shaping their morals and values. When disciplining children, giving rules is very crucial. It is a natural part of life that helps them learn how … Read more

Ways to Stop Procrastinating Doing House Chores

A man watching TV

There are just so many distractions – a kid’s unlimited requests, television, social media, notifications on the phone, and procrastination – that hinder a faster task accomplishment, especially when doing chores at home. Although some people become more effective when they use some time to procrastinate, most are trapped in their time-wasting-doing-nothing-habit. … Read more

How to Establish a Healthy Routine with an Infant

A baby sleeping on his father’s chest

An infant’s behavior is primarily molded by how he is treated and taken care of. The amount of sleep, diet, overstimulation or under-stimulation, training, environment, family, and the people around him are influential to his behavior. Therefore, it is important that all these factors contribute to a child’s healthier physical and mental … Read more