Understanding Children Development

a child blowing bubbles, trees, road, leaves

Child development alludes to the series of language, thought, emotional, and physical changes that occur in children from birth up to the start of adulthood. During this process, children progress from being dependent on their parents or guardians to be more independent. Events significantly impact child development during the prenatal period and … Read more

Tips on How To Get Your Child Off Video Games

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Video games are usually associated with deviant behavior, little to no social interactions, bad grades, and a lack of physical activity. While these games themselves are not inherently wrong, playing in excess without signs of stopping any time soon may lead to undesirable consequences. Thus, the question of how to get your … Read more

Understanding Personal Hygiene for Toddlers

a toddler inside a tub of water

Personal hygiene among kids is more than keeping themselves looking and feeling good. Good hygiene keeps them away from nasty bacteria and fungi that may invade the body and cause severe illnesses in the long run. When not properly cleaned, the skin can be a welcoming breeding ground of disease-causing germs and … Read more

Tips on What to Feed Toddlers in Sickness

sick kid lying in his bed

“Get a kid, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.” Becoming a first-time parent can be really fulfilling and fun, but seeing our kids go from being bubbly to being weak and gloomy can be very scary. No matter how we have prepared ourselves for the challenges of having kids, things don’t always go the … Read more

How To Create Environment For Good Mental Health

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Everything from where you live to the weather in your region, your work environment, and the social climate can influence your mental health. These places you spend most of your time in can significantly impact both your physical and psychological well-being. An excellent environment nourishes our emotional and mental health by giving … Read more

Developing Toddlers’ Interest in Outdoor Games

two boys playing, football floating in the air, water splashing, green grass 

Playing outside is an essential part of everybody’s childhood. It gives kids the chance to explore their surroundings, appreciate the natural environment, and have great and fun adventures with other kids. Besides that, outdoor games also help kids develop their physical strength, build their self-confidence, and gain new friends and acquaintances.  Outdoor … Read more

Best Milk Brands for Infants

an infant drinking milk 

As first-time mothers, we knew that the struggle doesn’t stop after the nine months of carrying our child inside us – when our baby is born, a new set of challenges ensues. The first 12 months of our child are crucial, and anything that happens during this infancy period could have lifelong … Read more

Workout Routine for Parents

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Being physically fit is a must, especially for people, like parents, who spend most of their time working to sustain their families’ needs. However, their busy schedules make it challenging to find time to squeeze in some exercise and work out. With all their responsibilities at home and work, working out may … Read more

Is Oil Painting a Perfect Gift?

Is Oil Painting a Perfect Gift 1

There are two types of gift-givers: ones who do it for formality and the others who do it with selfless love. If you fall in the latter group and always look for meaningful gifts to give to your loved ones, you might want to consider oil painting. Gift-giving is an art in … Read more

7 Activities For Toddlers to Develop Motor Skills

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A toddler’s fine motor skills start developing when they use the smaller muscles in their feet, toes, hands, wrists, and fingers. The development of muscles is attributed to the toddler doing actions such as pressing, grasping, using a pincer grip, and holding. For young children, developing their fine motor skills is immensely important. These … Read more