Activities to do with Children on Cold, Rainy Days

It is obvious that a lot of cold, rainy days activities should be undertaken indoors. It is advisable to keep your kids inside during this season for they can catch a cold and flu easily associated with cold and rain. As you research the activities to do, also remember to include shopping for warm boys pyjamas for your boys and girls as well.

You can never go wrong with your kids’ favorite activities. Therefore, you should consider their ideas first and then add yours to keep them occupied. If we’re completely honest with each other, we know that children can drive you insane if they’re not busy doing something constructive. They might be tempted to be touching everything in the house, like electrical appliances, which is wrong. They might be doing other irritating behaviors hence destroying your peace of mind while doing your own things. This is where the idea of researching several activities to keep them busy comes in before they get fretful.

Have a Dance and Sing Party

Planning for a dance party often is a necessary activity to release the endless energy your kids seem to have. The best way to capture their attention entirely is to include kid’s songs or pop and dance songs. The heavier the beat, the better. Additionally, dancing around is a way of exercising and burning calories which is essential to the body.

Indoors Obstacle Course

If you are very observant, you’ll have noticed that kids like navigating a way through an obstacle course. Therefore, creating an obstacle course to wiggle out can make them busy. Ensure that the boys wear boys pyjamas and the girls wear pretty pyjamas. This is because this activity mainly involves crawling on the floor, which might cause them to get a cold.

Practice jumping, balancing, skipping, hopping, and so much more with your children.

Read Books

Reading books with your children is another thrilling activity to engage yourselves indoors. Cuddle up in the blanket together with their favorite book and read with them. Make the kids read the book to you, for this will help them keep focused and interested.

Perform Science Experiments

Science is one of the subjects that get the brain turned. With science, your children get to learn about cause and effect at the same time, causing a lot of excitement. You can lead them in various messy science experiments like vinegar and baking soda volcano or making slime on your own. Or do a non-messy activity such as dissolving marshmallows. However, you can only do these science experiments for older kids.

Watch Movies

Isn’t it exciting turning your own house into a theatre for your family? What is better than cuddling under one blanket with all your kids and a coffee table filled with snacks for a movie night during a cold, rainy season? Definitely not much! Look for a movie that all your family members will like. From the kids to your spouse and I promise you that this can feel like a private getaway!

Cook and Bake Together

Kids can do anything you show them as long as they’re beating boredom. Cooking is another great activity to involve your kids, from cooking their favorite dish to baking their best cake. This will help them feel valuable and important and they will always be proud that they helped mummy in the kitchen. This will also help them learn some cooking tips that might help them one day.