Welcome to my site!

My name is Jessica Simpson…. Yes seriously.  Just not the famous one.  Instead, I am a mom of three kids living in the gorgeous city of San Francisco, California.

I have started this blog to share my experiences of parenthood in the hope that it will help me be a better parent and maybe help others.  Being a parent is not always easy.  In fact I am not sure if it is ever easy.  It is a journey and something that is done from the heart.   I hope that as long as I parent from the heart, that I can never go wrong.  In addition to being a mom, and now a blogger, I am also a breastfeeding counsellor – thus, all the breast feeding posts that are likely to appear on this site!

So join me here on come from the heart as I share my experiences of being a stay at home mom with my two gorgeous babies, A and B, as we navigate life together.